Unspeakable Truths, Volume 1: Damnation Begins

Unspeakable Truths, Volume 1: Damnation Begins eBook by Rena Aliston (Ofira Sephiroth)

Damnation Begins

by Ofira Sephiroth


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“True Poetry Book With A Treat”…The poetry that fills the pages is penetrated with a great deal of emotion that leaves me affected. I even find myself connecting to some of the verses that I read. While the poems in this book are those of a dark nature, there is a bit of beauty about them too… – Lena Kovadlo, Author

“Darkly Delicious” Ofira quickly pulls the reader into a world of imagination. Unspeakable Truths, Volume 1 sings through brilliant poetic voice and verse. The journey to damnation continues with creative flash fiction tales that left me wanting to read more. Simply awesome. – C.R. Stone, Author

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