The Devil’s Grave eBook

The Devil's Grave: A Collection of Short Crime & Horror Stories

The Devil's Grave: A Collection of Short Crime & Horror Stories eBook by Rena Aliston

The Devil's Grave

by Rena Aliston


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Aliston is superb at story-telling when it comes to creating vivid, macabre imagery in short form, even the shortest story, pulls you in and leaves you a little shaken at the end. – Karen L. Richards, Author
Enchanting, thrilling and yet oddly comfortable. The perfect collection!! If you’re someone that has a thirst for short stories and mini-stories with horror – this is the set of stories for you! – Anu Nair, Author
this book was different than a lot of the books I read, but I was still captivated. I can’t wait for the next one to come out. – Brieanna Henning
This is not my typical genre or format but I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the length of the stories. Some as short as a page long. But they had their desired impact for sure. I loved the style of writing. – Danielle Watts
This group of short stories is deliciously horrifying. Even the ones that are merely a page long will make your jaw drop. Make you want more. I’m not usually into short stories but she did an amazing job in her writing and I definitely will be reading more. I most definitely recommend checking this creepy book out! – Monique Beasley

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